Site Analysis
• Topographic features
• Irrigation water availability
• Preliminary wetlands analysis
Golf Course Routing Alternatives
• Consideration of site analysis issues
• Location of clubhouse, maintenence buildings & parking
• Interface with surrounding development
• Reviewing of various routing possibilities with Owner
• Submit recommended "Final Routing Plan" to Owner
Development of Construction Bid Documents
• Golf course plans in AutoCad format, including:
» Golf Course Routing and Features Plan
» Staking and Clearing Plan
» Grading Contour Plan
» Earthwork Cut and Fill Plan
» Conceptual Drainage Plan
» Conceptual Golf Cart Plan
» Construction Technical Specifications
Construction Design Services
• Interview contractors and review bids
• Periodic construction site visits
• On-site green design sketches
• Analyze contractors invoices
• Final sign-off prior to planting
Post-Construction Design Services
• Site visits during grow-in
• Delineation of fairway mowing patterns
• Participation in the promotion of the golf course

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