Beginnning with the opening of the Teal Bend Golf Course in 1997, Brad Bell Golf Course Design has quickly earned a reputation of creating golf courses that are challenging and beautiful, while at the same time being enjoyable for virtually every level of golfer. It is no coincidence that each and every course that was crafted by Brad Bell Golf Course Design consistently outperforms all the courses in their regions. Being a former PGA Tour player certainly helps Brad in designing courses that top-level players love, but it is his years spent traveling the world and studying different courses and the players that play them that aid him in understanding what it is that the average or even begining player is looking to get out of their golfing experience as well.

It is quite simple to design an incredibly difficult course, just as it isn't particularly hard to design an easy one. The art is in designing a course that can maximize the enjoyment for all levels of players, and at Brad Bell Golf Course Design we are proud to say that this is exactly what we have come to be known for. In addition, through careful routing and finishing design touches, our courses are praised for "looking like they were always there." That is to say, they fit in with the surrounding areas, enhancing and becoming a part of the natural beauty of the location, while offering dramatic looks and feelings on every hole.